Data Engineering

Data-E-Labs has built core competencies in disintegrating silos of data for advanced analysis, extraction of critical information from structured and unstructured sources

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Data Visualisation

At Data-E-Labs, we work at the forefront of cutting edge analytic techniques to give clients advantages in presentation and interpretation of data.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics harnesses data mining tools to capture signals of incipient customer discontent providing leads for implementation of damage limitation strategies.

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Smart Building Automation
Summit 2016

Smart Building Automation Summit 2016 is a two-day event being held in Dubai from 26th April to 27th April 2016. The event brings together global leaders of the automation industry to discuss, deliberate, and debate on the important contextual influences, obstructions of industry and the opportunities that the Middle East has to offer.

Technology and Innovation
in Retail 2016

Here retail experts from around the world will come together at one platform to inspire and share secrets of becoming a successful retailer. Technology is considered to be most actively contributing element for the improvement of operational efficiency of retailers & in future will play a more significant role in business success.

Technology and Innovation
in Digital Healthcare 2016

Technology and Innovation submit will offer you the chance to meet some of the brightest game changers and thought leaders of the field of digital healthcare industry.Here at this event, you will be able to get the valuable insights from Data E-Labs experts about using big data and analytics to bring about a digital revolution in the Healthcare industry.

Hospitality Business Conclave

Here is your opportunity to meet the leading stakeholders from operating, owning, and designing enterprises from across the globe. Discussion and deliberation regarding world class solution providers will be at the heart of this conclave. We will be sharing insights about the importance of data for hospitality, advanced analytics techniques & information advantage.