Data Visualization

Evaluate information from every perspective

The technological revolution has made it easy to amass substantial data at incredible velocity, cutting across diverse fields. But translating that data bank into intelligible language calls for a special expertise. At Data-E-Labs, we work at the forefront of cutting edge analytic techniques to give clients advantages in presentation and interpretation of data. You could say that we believe actively promoting visual literacy.

Sector Specialisation

Data is critical for all sectors but more so for retail management, banking and e-commerce.

Retail Sector

Partner with Data-E-Labs to acquire a deeper understanding of all the data that your systems gather sales, product pricing, inventories, in store customer behaviour, high traffic store locations, cart abandonments, etc. What used to take hours to analyse and grasp will become crystal clear to you within minutes-through graphics that will breathe life into cold figures. With high speed analytics at your disposal, you will no longer be driven to rely on even yesterday's data to decide what to do tomorrow. Our real time solutions will help you to decide right now what actions require to be implemented right now.

Banking Sector

At Data-E-Labs we offer you analytics tailor-programmed for your organisation. We are keenly aware that data, per se, is sterile. That's why our team specializes in transforming data into visuals that not only catch the eye but stay in the mind. Whether it is loan distribution, risk management, management of NPA, or investment monitoring, Data-E-Labs has the expertise to take even disconnected and legacy data and endow it with real time significance. There is no banker who does not wish that the data in his system could be made intelligible and


It is important to understand that having more data than your competitors does not, per se, translate to gushing revenue streams. It's what you are able to make of the data that matters. Data visualization adds value by enabling you to define the customer, watch customer behaviour and track no-shopping-bag exits. Data-E-Labs analytics empower to you to identify the Achilles heel in your portal and redesign it to improve customer experience. Interpreting spreadsheets is history. Data-E-Labs will take your bundles of raw data and help you unleash their hidden potential including quirky revelations that you would not even have imagined. We offer you compatibility across diverse data sources, reliability, data unification and scalability. Watch the miracle unfold before your eyes- charts, graphics, pictorials, bubbles, maps, etc.