Get ahead on the curve by making smarter decision using analytics

Banking sector has witnessed continuous development and change in past decade. Entry of IT enabled players in this sector has changed fundamental ways of doing banking. In addition, internet penetration in developing countries has made it a common practice to transact online , and this has led to the demise of some of the traditional business practices, thus providing the innovative banks with innumerable business opportunities and on the other hand traditional banking model need to constantly upgrade to sustain in this dynamic market


We have a team with strong domain knowledge who can help clients to operate and outperform in a competitive market and helped them to stay ahead on the curve. We use advance analytics algorithms to standardize marketing (cross sell campaigns, new product offers) with better response rate, and to minimize risk by identifying fraudulent customers in early stage of loan offer.

More about Banking Analytics

Market Mix Modeling

Take advantage of our advanced techniques including regression and econometric and analytical programs that will reveal the marketing input–output results and determine the optimal marketing mix that will give the best return on investment.

Cross Sell Modeling

Deploy predictive analysis tools that contribute to fusion of marketing and IT leading to creation of synergies between your verticals and channels that will promote selling of differentiated products to customers from your basket

Mortgage Clustering

Let our analytical tools help to segment your prospective customers in to groups with commonality of needs and features. Have your customers analysed by transactions, demographically and for life-time value, make marketing campaigns more intelligent, improve product acceptability and boost customer relationships

Stress Testing

Our analytics solutions will provide you with critical inputs about your overall financial health and resilience to make it successfully through in stress scenarios. Unlikely but probable matrices will be used to focus on the impact on liquidity risk, credit risk, market risk, etc. on profitability, liquidity and other critical parameters

Customer Lifetime Value

Our state-of-the-art technology will give you a 360 degree understanding of your customers and their constantly evolving needs which is essential in a hyper-competitive market. Study existing customer value across your universe of products and get predictive inputs about future funding needs

Portfolio Stress Testing

Our analytics experts undertake a holistic scientific study of your loan, investment, consumer credit, real estate and structured finance products portfolios to assess their capacity to withstand and rebound from unexpected, adverse events. We ask all the essential questions of your portfolios and arm you with all the right answers to combat mild recessions, protracted market crashes, oil price spikes and slumps, and a host of alternative ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Credit Risk

Get the best inputs on your risk management processes and data architecture. Our risk analysis tools offer you a start to finish solution beginning with loan approval and culminating with account closure visiting and assessing loan pricing, risk premium, concentration risks, exposures, portfolio return, sector analysis, etc. en route

Marketing Analytics

For clarity of picture regarding the impact of marketing investment across all channels. The increased use of digital channels opens up a brand new avenue to understand, target, capture, and retain customers, besides growing business. Using marketing analytics, our experts will create algorithms that depict the return on investment from a multitude of contact points – ATMs, internet, IVR, mobile, POS, social media, etc.

Marketing Analytics

We offer an analytics tool that has dual functions – pointing you in the direction of a prospective customer but also weighing up the probability of claim filing by that prospect. The filtering makes customer selection profit oriented by highlighting optimal customers. Insurance companies choose customers and, therefore, our objective is to put you in prime position to target your market spend at low risk customers, formulate improved packages and improve strike rates.


Cross-sell is an essential factor of organic business growth. Our analytics team will help you maximize cross-selling and bundling of products by data analysis that gives form to buyer persona by tracking product purchase, demographics, lifestyle, geographies, and critical and major family events.

Customer Segmentation

We collaborate in data analysis and interpretation displayed in graphical form and as dashboards supplemented with crisp executive summaries. The information captured and interpreted includes customer demographics, policy purchase tracking and claim filing history. Statistical techniques and quantitative methods enhance the prospects of customer acquisition and growth with reduced costs and attrition