Advance and customized personalization and recommender system

The past few years have witness the remarkable transformation in the way consumer purchase. The raise of internet and mobile phones helped ecommerce to take the world of retail by storm and captivated the imagination of new age entrepreneurs. The sector has seen explosive growth in the last few years and has already catapulted the biggest firms among these ventures past the billion-dollar territory. The online marketers are constantly focusing new techniques to identify customer segments they serve, use of new technology to make their online purchase experience better. The other challenges face by online marketers is to protect customer information and collect data from different sources to improve decision making and forecasting using analytics


Our ecommerce practices offers best in class analytics services. We have pride ourselves on collaborative working environment with our clients and trough a pragmatic and results-oriented approach, our experience and ability to jointly develop innovative analytical solutions that has earned the respect of our clients, a track record of which we are fiercely proud

More About E-commerce Analytic s


The secret to successful personalization in e-commerce analytics lies in harnessing tools that capture every customer interaction beginning from a click on e-mail. Every snippet of customer data from social media inputs, web analytics, call centre data, product reviews, service feedback, purchase records, and customer geographical location is aggregated and analysed to enhance customer experience, build on customer loyalty, diminish cart abandonment and engage in predictive personalization.


Every click on every page is directed to the recommender engine for aggregation and analysis. The analytical configuration points customers in the direction of complements, alternatives, and substitutes that may fit them like a glove. The process allows your customer to discover with pleasure that the product he had in mind is by a serendipitous coincidence on the screen without a search. The criticality is in the analysis of the latest click to recommend the best possible match for the customer.


Comparative tools and search engines have made dynamic pricing an integral part of any e-commerce web site. Customers are invariably on the hunt for the best deal. Intelligent software coupled with real time analysis arms the web site to hike prices whenever demand is high thereby booking profits or lower the price to attract customers. The analytical tool also has the ability to measure price elasticity and provide management insight about the expected customer reaction to a price variation.


Promotion is no longer a holiday season gimmick but a year round essential for a viable business. Analytics quickly identifies the channels that are bringing in business conversion and the ones that are making heavy weather. The results from multi channel efforts such as e-mail, social media. Google Adwords, product promotion campaigns, are analysed and insight gained into what is hot and what is not.

Demand Forecasting

Analytics works to predict future demand. The results are harnessed to optimize inventory holding leading to cutting of warehouse rentals and finance cost for holding stocks. Web logs store the intelligence gleaned from users web behaviour. Statistical models interpret the information to predict probable future purchases by customers.

Supply Chain Optimisation

A combination of data visualisation and advanced quantitative models enables a scientific analysis of data that facilitates real time supply management. The whole process from order placement at the pre-determined cut off stock level to lead time for manufacture, and logistics, is captured to ramp up supply chain efficiencies and brings down costs.